The City of Amarillo Parks & Recreation is officially opening splash pads in Amarillo Parks to cool down during the summer heat. The city has twelve that are open now and another will be opening in El Alamo Park as soon as plumbing repairs are completed due to vandalism that had occurred in the pump house..

In Amarillo’s sixty four parks, playgrounds, basketball, baseball, softball, skate parks and volleyball courts are now open as well. Under Governor Greg Abbott Phase Three reopening city parks restroom facilities must remain closed, and people are still encouraged to adhere to proper social distancing when using the parks.

Two of Amarillo’s pools will not open this summer, Southwest and Southeast Pools will remain closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. It’s not possible to fully sanitize each park from germs and viruses. All current public health recommendations regarding washing hands and social distancing remain in effect.

The splash pads will be open daily 11 AM to 8 PM and is free to the public. All splash pads are weather and temperature pending. Splash pads will be open through Labor Day.


Splash pads are located at the following parks:


Bones Hook

City View


Forest Hill

Gene Howe



Medical Center


San Jacinto


Westover Village

If you would like rental information for a PARD facility, call (806) 378-3036.

You can visit Amarillo Parks and Recreation on their website here.

Amarillo Parks and Recreation is also on social media and can be found on Facebook here.

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