An Amarillo Police Officer came to the rescue of a cute critter you wouldn't expect to see just hanging out in Amarillo.

Officer Gattis was patrolling on the north side of Amarillo when a resident flagged him down.  Apparently a beaver had curled up under a tree.  This little girl wasn't very happy and a long way from water.

The officer contacted the Wild West Rehabilitation Center for help in rescuing this animal.  Here's the rescue video.

This girl was 60lbs, and they were able to get her in a tub and cooled off and over to the vet.   Unfortunately, she had too many injuries and would not be able to recover.

Even though this story ended on a sad note, we have to look at the positive. This girl was surrounded by loving and caring people in the end and didn't leave this world alone. We have a great local organization that helps out our wild animals. Plus, we have police officers in town that care about our wildlife as well.

You may be asking yourself what was a beaver doing in Amarillo? Although I don't have the answers, my guess is somehow this girl called the Canadian River home and somehow ended up a ways from home. Just a theory.

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