TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

Amarillo Police started serving Municipal Court warrants in Amarillo today, paying visits to homes and businesses to make contact with those having outstanding warrants.  If nobody is home, APD will be leaving a red door hanger card that has information about the warrant and details on how to handle it.

The Round-Up started in Amarillo on 2-18-14, with notices being mailed to people with outstanding warrants. Over 3000 of the 36,000 warrants have been cleared since the Round Up started.

Amarillo Police

"The Municipal Court will be open Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM. On Thursdays, the court remains open until 7:00 PM.  The public can view a complete list of all Municipal Court warrants on the City of Amarillo’s Municipal Court web page. Select “Court Issued Warrants” from the menu on the right side of the page.  That page will provide information about when a warrant is issued and how to resolve the warrant.  At the bottom of the page is a link to a list of all active warrants.  Traffic and parking citation fines, including those with warrants, can be paid online by selecting “Traffic Citation Online Payment Service” from the same menu."

If you have questions about outstanding warrants, call the Municipal Court at 378-9342.

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