I think this would actually be pretty cool!  What can I say I'm not a fan of the Amarillo Civic Center.  The venue is old and out dated and the employees act like your somehow interrupting they're day when you try to buy tickets.  So I'm all for a new downtown venue!  And to my rescue, the Amarillo Sox owner is considering a new venue for baseball and other events, to be located in the downtown area.  From Amarillo Globe News:

Southern Independent Baseball League and its Amarillo franchise will work with Wallace Bajjali Development Partners to figure whether the potential return on private and public investment in a multipurpose event venue would justify the cost to build it, said Joe Esch of Wallace Bajjali.

If they move forward with the project cost is expected to be around the $25 million mark!  Of course the city of Amarillo will have the final say, and with it being possible to actually hurt event income that comes through to the Civic Center, I highly doubt it will be approved.

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