Back in March the City of Amarillo adjusted the Amarillo Public Transportation System’s rules and routes, on May 7 the city adjusted those routes again to re-enforce social distancing for commuters.

Social distancing is now a part of our lives, at least until a vaccine against Covid-19 is available. This poses tremendous challenges to those public transport operators. Without upfront knowledge of the occupancy bus services, ensuring a safe distance between passengers is a difficult task. While airlines may see ways to adjust their seating and reservations to ensure distance, the challenge to achieve the same effect is larger for city bus operators that do not know in advance who will be on board.

Today I confirmed with City of Amarillo Communications Manager David Henry that some of the transit systems routes are remaining on a Saturday schedule and a few are returning to their full schedule.

City of Amarillo
City of Amarillo

Routes being adjusted are:

Route 22 and Route 23, which includes the JO Wyatt Clinic and Northwest Women’s and Children’s Healthcare Center.

Route 12 and Route 21, which includes the Charles E. Warford Activity Center.

Route 43, which includes Westgate Mall.

Route 11, which includes Baptist St. Anthony’s Health System and Northwest Texas Healthcare System.

Route 44, which includes the Guyon Saunders Resource Center.

Route 41 and Route 42, which includes Amarillo College/Washington Street campus.

Route 31, which includes the Tri-State Fairgrounds.

Route 32, which includes the East Branch/Amarillo Public Library.

Route 33, which includes the Transit Office.

For further details or questions contact City of Amarillo Communications Manager Dave Henry by calling 806-378-5219 or by email at

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