Graduating High School is a big step.  Your entire future depends on the choices you make upon graduating.  The Amarillo Venom would like to help you on your future endeavors by giving you a chance to win a car!

Yes, you read that right-the Amarillo Venom is giving away a car to a local High School Senior.  They want to help a student get to the place they want to be so they are teaming up with Interstate Cars, LLC to give one lucky winner a 2006 Pontiac G6.

You are probably thinking, 'what's the catch?'  Well, the best part is that there isn't one.  Stephanie, owner of the Venom football team, said that she just wants to do something for a student that is doing something positive in their life.  There are no certain qualifications beside being a High School Senior.

Here's how you can get entered: Tweet the Amarillo Venom using the hashtag #venomcar4college and in 140 characters or less tell them why you deserve the car.  They would like for you to include where you plan to go to college, your current GPA, extracurricular activities or how you are involved in the community.

So get to tweeting!  And of course, be creative.  Creative and different usually stand out!

All tweets or applicants will be reviewed and the winner will be announced at the Venom home game on May 23, 2015.  If you would like to see the full rules, you can go to