Amarillo weather is known for being quite volatile. If you have ever spent any amount of time here you have probably experienced just about everything that you could imagine.

Whether it be a tornado that peels the roof off of your house or snow the buries you in your house for two straight days, we have it all. Here is a list of five things you should know about Amarillo weather before packing up and moving to our fair city.

Just remember though, on top of all of this, Amarillo is an wonderful place to live.

#1. Amarillo Is The 3rd Windiest City In The United States

Bent Tree

You may not think it, but it's true. It is so windy in Amarillo that most of the trees in the area look like Bonsai trees. If the wind is only blowing 30mph here, it's a great day to get out and go fishin'. So, you definitely have that to look forward to.

#2. Every Summer Threatens Local Communities With Tornado Warnings


I can't remember a year when there weren't at least a few tornadoes that either came close to Amarillo or directly hit some community nearby. Luckily we haven't had much other than Tornado Warnings in the city over the past couple years, but it can definitely get your heart racing.

#3. Amarillo Regularly Gets One Big Snow A Year That Disables The City

Snow Storm

Snow is no stranger to the Amarillo area. Normally we will get a few snow storms that are mild during the fall and into the holiday season. Then just before spring it seems like we get drilled. This year we got 11 inches of snow in one day which had people buried in their houses. Another thing about Amarillo and the snow, we love to drive in it. Have no clue how to drive in it, but we love to get out in the snow. So, if you're in town and it's snowing, the safest place is probably indoors. Just a tip for newbees.

#4. Amarillo Had More Than 30 Days In A Row Over 100 Degrees Last Year


The Amarillo area has not only been in a drought for almost a decade, but temperatures here easily reach 105 degress on summer days. Now combine that with #1 from the list and you have a miserable day. There is nothing to do on day's like that except sit in the house in front of the air conditioner and watch some baseball.

#5. Amarillo Is Plagued By Wildfires During The Summer Months


Over the last few years Amarillo has been in a drought causing the local area to be like a tinderbox. Coupled with strong winds and high temperatures, wildfires can break out in an instant. They last for days sometimes and last year many people lost their homes. To keep danger to as much of a minimum as the could, last year they even cancelled the 4th of July fireworks and replaced it with a laser light show. Lasers are cool, but not near as cool as blowing stuff up.

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