Amarillo’s own Toot n’ Totum is about to open a brand-new Travel Center with a Wendy’s and a Mitch's TX Style BBQ all at I-40 & Lakeside in Amarillo. Plus, everything that Toot n’ Totum offers as well. Friday there is going to be a job fare at the Medical Center Holiday Inn Friday February 12 from 10AM to 6PM.


Be sure to bring your I-9 Information, Photo ID and Social Security Card to get hired on the spot.

About Toot n Totum:

The Toot'n Totum story began in 1950 when a young entrepreneurial couple, Eldon "Lefty" and Novie Mitchell established their first convenience store at 15th and Washington, in Amarillo, Texas.  At its inception, customers would literally drive up, toot their horns, and the store's clerk would tote the orders outside to the cars. Today, our entire Executive Team still believes in the principles of service and convenience on which Toot'n Totum was built over 70 years ago. As one of the largest private employers in the region, over 1000 Team Members are waiting for you at over 100 locations throughout a multi-state area. Today's convenience stores not only include fuel islands, ready to eat foods, grocery items, bean-to-brew coffee stations, and state of the art fountain areas, but also include an array of services designed to reflect the growing audience of consumers that we serve.  Additional expansion of the Toot'n Totum brand encompasses a Fast'n Fresh Commissary, Distribution Center, Which Wich and Wendy's franchises, Mr. Payroll locations, Car Care Centers, TnT Cleaning Pro's, and Express Car Wash service centers.

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