I have a pair of cowboy boots that look cool but hurt so bad to wear. That’s what I get from buying them in Virginia when I lived there. This is why I am so excited about the new American Boot Company opening in Amarillo!

I know what you’re thinking – “just another place to go buy boots.” But let me tell you, this place is like nothing offered in town. Yes, you can go in and buy a pair off the rack, but their real specialty is in custom boots. For over 25 years, American Boot Company has been making custom, American-made boots at their shop in El Paso. You go in, they take measurements of every inch of your foot, then you start to customize. You pick the hide type, the toe style, heals, stitching, trim, leg cut style, everything. Then, in about a month, you have a perfect fitting pair of boots. They also let me have a sneak peek at their prices, and it is way less that I imagined. Some places you can’t even get a pair of stock boots for what they are selling the custom boots for at American Boot Company.


I got some measurements the other day when I was there to meet the owners and I can’t wait to finish picking out my custom pair during their grand opening on Saturday, July 22nd. I’m ready to kick my old, painful feeling pair to the curb.

American Boot Company
201J Westgate Parkway (right behind Dairy Queen on Souncy)
Grand opening Saturday, July 22nd
101.9 The Bull will be on location from 2-4pm with giveaways and free boots!

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