So, a guy in Missouri came up with a great idea for the summer. Taking two things people like to wear and mash into one thing.

If you like wearing cowboy boots but you’re heading to the beach, this website has the perfect footwear just for you. These cowboy boots look like your normal pair of boots except they do not cover your feet. Instead they have straps like sandals. So, your feet stay cool but your legs will be hot and sweaty.


Ok, who the hell would wear these things? They look pretty ridiculous.

If you actually like the way these things look and you want a pair, get ready to spend up to $150 for a pair. Where can you get them? At

I like wearing sandals in the summer. I would wear cowboy boots if I found a pair I liked. But I don’t know a single red-blooded Texan who would wear these. Am I wrong?

Would you buy these? Where in the world would you actually wear them? Tell us what you think.

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