At least 7 people were injured in an apartment complex explosion in Lubbock, TX the other day, while there is no official word on how serious the injuries were, we know that at this time there are 7 people in area hospitals undergoing treatment.

I guess the official word on what caused the explosion was a gas pipe leak, but it's much more fun to pretend some meth-head was running a meth-lab and that's what caused the explosion.  But alas, I can only pretend at this time.  Stupid meth-heads, keep your teeth and loose the crank!

Anyways pretend time is over, the American Red Cross is reacting to the explosion and sending a team of the finest volunteers to help aide in any way possible.


Martha Riddlespurger

Emergency Services

Field Specialist

Texas Panhandle Chapter, North Texas Region

The Texas Panhandle chapter of the American Red Cross will be deploying a shelter team to assist with the Brier Croft Manor apartment complex explosion in Lubbock.  The four person team members  are all disaster  trained volunteers out of Swisher County (Tulia).  They are Patsy Hooten, Priscilla Sanders, ZaneTaylor and Maria Garcia.  Tulia is an integral part of the Texas Panhandle Chapter which covers the 13 counties in the western half of the Panhandle.  Lubbock is a part of the Red Cross North Texas Region . . . .as is the Texas Panhandle chapter in Amarillo and the Eastern Texas Panhandle chapter out of Borger/Pampa.

Check out some footage of the aftermath and clean up of the apartment complex explosion here on KRISTV.

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