If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. This is a truth delivered in droves by MTV's Catfish, the reality show that looks to expose the truth behind one-half of an often deceitful online relationship. But not all Catfish romances end in tearful revelations, and that's a topic touched on in the latest episode of Inside Amy Schumer.

Amy spoofed the reality show with a skit called Katfish, where she plays the naive hopeful, who's really just looking to get "MTV famous." Amy tells the show’s hosts ("the one with the gray hair and the one with not") she thinks she’s being catfished by a man named "Jake," who she met in a chatroom for ferret enthusiasts.

Jake refuses to FaceTime with Amy, claiming he's too busy reading Hollywood scripts to make time for video chatting -- an obvious red flag.

The Katfish crew then shows up outside Jake’s home ("Our unpaid intern tracked down his IP address from the emails he sent you and this is it,” says Broad City's Paul W. Downs), when the truth finally comes to light: Jake, it turns out, is exactly who he said he was — Oscar-nominated actor and ferret lover, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Overjoyed to finally meet Amy face-to-face, Jake gesticulates wildly with his ferret in hand. But then things take a dark turn when Jake asks Amy about her ferret, Margot. She tells him she sold Margot so she could hire a publicist, pending the success of her Catfish episode. It's an admission that sends Jake into a rage: "I thought you loved ferrets, I thought they were your main hobby. Were you lying to me?" he asks, before sending a few choice expletives Amy's way.

Check out Amy Schumer's Katfish spoof -- which includes one final twist, if you can believe it -- in the video above, and be sure to tune in tonight for the full episode of Inside Amy Schumer when it airs at 10PM on Comedy Central.

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