Just when you thought Amarillo didn't have it all, a curve ball is thrown your way in the form of a prostitution ring.  Well it is the world's "oldest profession" as they say!  I've never felt the love of a hooker, and because of that I've never had VD either.

Yet losers all over the world, yes including Texas, are lining up to for their "turn", because they have needs too, the need to risk catching hepatitis C.  I heard you lose a lot of weight when you catch it!  COCHINO!

Moving on, an Amarillo man, 25 year old Brian Phea, was arrested on federal felony charges of promoting prostitution through interstate commerce and is being charged with "managing a prostitution ring".


Pro New 7 Reports:

According to court documents, Phea was running the prostitution ring out of the Quality Inn and the Elegante Hotel in Hotel. Court documents also showed Phea was allegedly advertising on websites known for escort services.

If Phea is convicted, he faces up to five years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.

Why did he do it?  He had sh*t to buy!  More importantly why did they do it?  Ewwww.

Have a happy Thursday!

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