Remember when it was announced that Panera Bread was coming to Amarillo? Everyone was SO excited. My wife couldn't contain herself because she LOVES that place.

Then there came the issues, delays, concerns, and then even a few bad reviews of things going on there.

But literally, NOTHING could set us up for what we've found out about Panera here. It's not that there's something wrong with the food or anything like that. I mean truthfully, it's been pretty quiet lately, but this one is sure to rock the establishment.

A woman named Shawna Hancock had mentioned that she was being sexually harassed at Panera by the General Manager of the store. She brought up her concerns to the HR department for Panera as a whole and it was apparently just shrugged off.

You can see how she details some of the things that happened, and quite honestly, they're extremely disturbing. The whole experience cost her her job because she was just uncomfortable with the whole thing. Ultimately, the General Manager was fired, but not for the reasons she detailed.

It seems her feeling of being uncomfortable and her account of what she was going through with him were warranted.

Potter County Sheriff's Office
Potter County Sheriff's Office

Holy moly. TEN counts of possession of child pornography. If there was any question about whether her claims of being sexually harassed were out there, they should be validated immediately. This person clearly has a problem they need to deal with...and now Panera Bread has another one to deal with themselves.

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