Andrew Garfield made his 'Saturday Night Live' last night on May 3 to promote this weekend's release of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' Among the best moments included getting help from real-life girlfriend Emma Stone, getting kisses from Chris Martin of Coldplay and daring to question the awesomeness of Beyonce in a faux movie trailer.

In his opening monologue, a nervous but confident Garfield informed the live audience that it was his first time hosting the weekly comedy sketch show but that his girlfriend Emma was a pro at it. She then appeared on stage and adorably gives him pointers while criticizing pretty much, well, everything about his monologue.

Later in the show, Garfield donned the Spider-Man costume and Emma appeared as Gwen Stacy in a sketch that mocked a kissing scene towards the end of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' The two actors, as themselves, are in front of a green screen and are directed to kiss each other. Things don't go so well, however, when the two can't seemingly be able to kiss each other in a normal, acceptable manner. Enter Chris Martin, who lends his support to help with the kissing scene in an awkward twist that you will want to see.

Another great sketch in the evening included the faux movie trailer for 'The Beygency.' The trailer opens with Garfield with three other actors talking about Beyonce, to which Garfield says that he's not a fan of 'Drunk in Love.' Suddenly, a mysterious government agency starts stalking Garfield and hunts him down for daring to admit not being a fan of Beyonce. The fake trailer is reminiscent of the movie 'The Adjustment Bureau' starring Matt Damon and we see Garfield running for his life -- all because he's not a fan of Beyonce.

You can watch the videos below and see more from last night on Saturday Night Live's website. So how do you think Andrew Garfield did in his first time?

Watch Andrew Garfield's Opening Monologue With Emma Stone

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