That's right Dallas and Angel Dee will be broadcasting live at Cd Ski and Sports off of 2305 S. Georgia st. With winter right around the corner, and we know how cold it gets in Amarillo. too cold for kids to be walking to school without jackets. Sometimes families don't have enough money to buy new jackets for there kids. Every year Evaline Rivers steps and gives out coats to kids all over the panhandle. So with your help today you can donate your used or new coat to the Evaline Rivers Coat Drive happening today at CD Ski and Sports.

With your help you will help put a coat on a child that needs it. So clean out the closet and gather up all them jackets and take them down to CD Ski and Sports off of 2305 S. Georgia. While your down there check out all of there great deals for you as we get ready for Ski season. stop by and say hi to Angel Dee and Dallas Chambers and I'm sure they're hooking up free stuff.

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