Actor Ansel Elgort has made his official foray into the world of singing today (July 8) with the release of his busy debut single "Home Alone."

In an attempt to meld several genres together (electronica! trap! soul! pop!), he goes the eclectic route, interspersing shifting beats with a high-pitched, scraping wail, as though a large saw is being cut in half by even larger scissors.

Elgort's vocals, meanwhile are a Michael Buble-inspired journey into blue-eyed soul as he sings over the cacophony about the emptiness of fame and partying or whatever: “At the end of the night / When I turn off the lights / And the bulls—t fades away / I don’t want to go home alone."

The Divergent actor expressed his excitement when he debuted the song on Twitter, encouraging fans to share their feelings about "Home Alone" — and boy did they ever:

"Sounds great, Ansel. Beautiful vocal," wrote Twitter user @erichbergen, while another fan who commented via SoundCloud offered positive feedback in the form of a searing backhanded compliment: "omg I wasn't expecting this to be that good holy crap."

“Home Alone” serves as Elgort’s vocal debut, but shouldn’t be confused with his other alter ego, DJ Ansolo. He's a man of many talents, it seems, and is invested in more than one musical venture.

Listen to Ansel Elgort’s “Home Alone” via SoundCloud above.

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