If you're searching for a summer job to make a little extra cash, Amarillo Parks and Recreation has tons of opportunities.

High school and college students in the Amarillo area go on a mad dash for summer jobs come May 1st. Get ahead of the game and start locking down your spot now.

The City of Amarillo is looking to fill over 100 positions.

The Aquatics/Swimming Pool department has the following openings:

  • Assistant Pool Manager (3 positions)
  • Cashier (10 positions)
  • Lesson Coordinator (3 positions)
  • Lifeguard (45 positions)
  • Pool Manager (3 positions)
  • Swim Lesson Instructor (20 positions)

Recreation Programs are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Arts and Crafts Specialist (1 position)
  • District Supervisor (3 positions)
  • Gym Recreation Leader (6 positions)
  • Night Gym Supervisor (1 position)
  • Recreation Leader (35 positions)
  • Sports Specialist (1 position)

The Golf Complexes have one position with several openings:

  • Seasonal Utility Worker (4 positions)

For sports:

  • Slow Pitch Softball Umpire (10 positions)
  • Slow Pitch Softball Scorekeeper (10 positions)

For Park Maintenance:

  • Seasonal Crew Leader (1 position)
  • Seasonal Laborer (18 positions)
  • Youth Seasonal (10 positions)

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