If you want to live to be in your 100s, just give in to a few of those urges.

Ok, seriously this may not work for everyone. But for one man it seems to be on point.

Masazou Nonaka from Ashoro, Japan is the oldest living man in the world. He is almost 113 years old. He is a teenager for a second time.

He claims the secret to his long life is soaking in hot springs. When he is not enjoying a nice warm bath, he is snacking on her favorite food. He loves lots of dessert. When he is not eating dessert, he is doing his other favorite thing. Telling people what he thinks about them. Oh yes, Mr. Nonaka loves to tell people off.

So, if you want to live a long life, just do these simple things. Sit in a hot tub, eat lots of dessert and tell people off. Seems easy enough.


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