Sure, these things sound good. But they might be bad for you.

Before you head to lunch or dinner today keep in mind that these great combos might not be the best thing for you.

April 12th is National Grill Cheese Day. This is a perfect example. What do you normally get with grilled cheese? Tomato soup. Well this is not a great combo and here is why. The cheese and the acid in the soup are hard to digest at the same time. So that might cause a tummy ache. Plus, there is a lot of sugar in the soup. There is a lot of fat in both of them as well as sodium. Bummer, right? For me it's worst because I add bacon.

We live in Texas and you know we love that chips and salsa. We of course eat more chips then veggies when we enjoy this appetizer. Try guacamole, which has healthy fats in it.

Fruit as dessert after a meal is way better than a slice of cake. But your body digest protein from meat way slower than the carbs in fruit. So, eating meat and fruit back to back can create "digestive confusion" which can make you bloated and gassy. Stick with the cake.

This one will upset a few Amarillo folks because it's a favorite at breakfast. Sausage and biscuits. Sure, it's not healthy but it's so darn good. But here's the bad news. It has a lot of fat in it. Duh. It also makes your insulin levels spike.  So, your body ends up using the carbs for energy first and storing most of the fat.


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