On Tuesdays D.B. Nyce wants to know "Why Are You Hot?" Call or text D.B. Tuesday at 806-320-0969 and tell him why you're hot. It's Ok to brag. Here's who made The Hot List. 

  1. Alisha- I’m Hot Because I am a cancer survivor
  2. Lin- I'm hot because I'm a single mom and I have a degree
  3. Taylor- I'm hot because I have those good-good kissable lips 💋 #RedLip #Classic
  4. Becca- I'm sitting in the sauna!!
  5. Kelly- My booty makes all the guys turn their head
  6. Ana- I just got a raise 
  7. Monica- I never pay for my drinks
  8. Shelby- I'm hot because I don't have to be fake or dress trashy for people to like me.
  9. Emily- I'm hot because all my ex's chase after me
  10. Jen- Cause your man keeps calling me
  11. Renee- I just got my hair done
  12. Karyn- My hair looks amazing and so does my booty
  13. Rick- I'm a marine Corp veteran I'm in shape smart and have a beautiful wife
  14. Emmery- I'm hot - because our air conditioning isn't working at the moment





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