Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has had a long and turbulent relationship with her estranged mother, Crystal Workman. Just before turning 18, the young television star was granted emancipation in May 2015, citing physical and emotional abuse in court. Winter has since refused to interact with her mom — but that hasn't stopped Workman from talking about her in the press.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Workman publicly criticized her famous daughter's decision to undergo breast reduction surgery, a procedure which the actress herself has been open and positive about.

"I don’t think anyone at that age should be cutting into their breasts," Workman told the entertainment show. "I am surprised she did it so young and that the doctor did it for her so young, and that she wasn't at least 21 to fully develop."

She similarly slammed her daughter's openness to bare her scars in gowns on the red carpet: "I'm sorry, I just think this is inappropriate...She should never be embarrassed about her scars, but what she shouldn't do is be flaunting them and showing them to everybody."

In addition to ignoring Winter's choices about her own body, Workman also told Inside Edition that it was she, not her daughter, who had been abused.

"I think Ariel is conjuring up stories to help her career at my expense, and I feel as a parent like I'm being bullied," she claimed. "I believe that I have been abused. I've been abused physically, and I believe that all of this is emotional abuse... Ariel should ask herself, ‘Has Ariel ever raised a hand to her mother? Has Ariel ever done anything she’s ashamed of to her mother?'"

Following the interview, the show reached out to Winter's publicist for comment on Workman's allegations.

"Ariel is happy and in a good place," they were told.

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