Ah, the holidays. Is there really a better time than now that brings families together?

For most of us, it's a traditional occasion of gratitude, gifts and loads of holiday eats. For celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nick Carter, on the other hand, it's most likely another imminent disaster waiting to unfurl at the holiday dinner table.

Imagine it: your parents can't stand each other; your sibling(s) remains a constant, attention-stealing thorn in your side after all these years; and somewhere in between the passing of gravy and casual catch-up conversation, someone from your brood makes the bold move to hurl the obligatory insult — or more familiarly, the obligatory drink.

We couldn't be more thankful to be spared such chaos this holiday season, but we can't be so sure how things will pan out for dysfunctional famous families like the Hogans, the Jacksons or the Gosselins. And they aren't alone, either.

Be happy you're not spending the holidays with the dysfunctional celebrity families in our gallery, below.