With all of these musical competitions on TV, I have gotten kind of burned out.  But when people are constantly telling me that I have to check out this kid named Astro, I knew that I had to sit down and watch the X Factor

When American Idol first came out, I thought what a wonderful idea.  We can actually help make someone a star.  But after the years and all the 'copycat' shows, I got burned out.  Occasionally I'll sit down and watch a show.

Well if you haven't caught the X Factor, you need to.  Last night was the first night I had ever watched the show and Brian "Astro" Bradley is a 15-year old contestant on the show and he blew me away.  He is a future star that's for sure.  Some people are comparing him to Jay-z.

All the music he sings, he writes himself.  A very talented young man.  Here is a little video of him on last nights show.  Watch it and tell me what you think.

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