If you're an Amarillo Atmos Energy customer, you're about to see a tiny spike in your monthly bill.

Amarillo Globe News reports that average Amarillo residents will see an estimated $3.24 jump in their bill due to a settlement approved by the Texas Railroad Commission.


“We are baffled by the actions of the Railroad Commission,” Simms said. “They’re acting very much like the federal government, imposing costs on the local communities that our community had no part in causing.”

Atmos requested a rate increase, which was denied, that would have caused an average spike of about $6.47 a month for customers.

The smaller increase came after months of negotiations after the city of Amarillo denied the original rate increase back in June.


Atmos wanted to take in $11.6 million more per year in a consolidated West Texas Division — with rate increases — than it currently collects in the region, its rate filing said.

Well, what isn't costing more money now?  Pretty much everything is costing more and more.  I can't even get a candy bar for less than a dollar.  I tried to get a 20oz soda from a vending machine, it was $3!  Being alive is getting incredibly expensive!


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