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Andrew Jackson Morgan, Jr. thought he might be able to get away with his participation in the January 6th insurrection on the capital by lying to the FBI. Morgan claimed he was simply there as a "civil rights auditor and journalist," but according to his own personal video footage from the incident, he's actually just a big fat liar.

Morgan has reportedly deleted several recordings now that show him encouraging the mob to continue making their way into the U.S. Capitol, clearly motivated by the insane far-right conspiracy theories that led to such a tragic and deadly display of idiocy.

You can even see Morgan yelling "Forward, march!" on video here.

Morgan hails from Austin, Texas and ran a YouTube channel called "Political Trance Tribune" where he uploaded video evidence of everything he shouldn't have been doing that day.

It's almost like the people that participated in this ridiculous display of stupidity were in fact too stupid to understand that the videos they took on their own cell phones would be evidence used against them later. Guys. Come on. If you're going to commit heinous crimes, you should probably leave your phone at home next time.

That's just standard criminal protocol.

He's now being charged with four counts for his role in what occurred at the capitol that day, including aiding and abetting the insurrection. Oh, and we will all be making fun of him for the rest of his life. So there's always that, too.

You can read more about the United States' case against Andrew Jackson Morgan, Jr. here.

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