Most couple seem to despise the other person after a break-up.  I guess Avril Lavigne is just one of a kind.  She and Brody Jenner were sending out 'love' tweets last night.

It is no secret that Avril Lavigne likes to keep her exes inside her inner circle.  After her and Deryck Whibley got a divorce, they still remain close friends.  They regularly have dinner together and Avril has been know to tell him that she still loves him.

So this may not come as a surprise, but she and ex were tweeting 'love' tweets last night. Brody took to his twitter saying:

"It really upsets me to read all the FALSE!! stories," Jenner tweeted, not long after his split from his girlfriend of roughly two years broke.

"Avril has always been there for me and is the closest person to my heart. I love her."

Not long after this hit the Twitter world, Avril responded by saying:

"luv u 2!!! @BrodyJenner."

So does this mean that they are still together?  Nope.  The two are most definitively broken up.  As a matter of fact Lavigne has sold her LA home and is set to move out by the end of the month.  She will then set out on an overseas tour.

I wonder if the two regret get each other's name tattooed on them?