I swear, there are some holidays that I know are created by companies purely for the benefit of sales... I mean, Valentine's Day as we know it was a marketing campaign by Hallmark to sell more cards--and now we're stuck with it. And here we are with National Proposal Day, and I smell something funky about it.

I am willing to bet my life that this so-called holiday is nothing but a product of a collusion between the wedding, diamond, and jewelry industries and their well-funded marketing departments. They're smart enough to have someone officially create the holiday with "feel good" statements, meaning it's forever perpetuated by those who claim that "love wins" on a day like this...

Before you roll your eyes at me and call me a cynic, just wait. Google the term "National Proposal Day". Go ahead. I'll wait. What? Really? Some of the first results are the big jewelry companies? Oh! And look! there's the "official" website for wedding planning, The Knot.

I. Told. You. So.

Yes! I've got them all figured out!!!


Ok... Ok... Fine. Let's back the horse up here... We'll talk about this rationally. Don't go rushing into any crazy decisions like marrying someone. I'll take my tinfoil hat off if you put down the engagement ring. So, what exactly is this holiday and where did it seem to come out of nowhere from?

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It turns out, National Proposal Day doesn't really have a fancy back story. It seems like somewhere along the way, someone noticed that people tend to start proposing to each other in the spring and tied it in with the symbolism of a "fresh new life".

By that reasoning, the Spring Equinox would be a pretty good time to make that commitment to one's partner. And according to TheKnot.com, it actually works! About 7% of couples take the plunge with each other around this time. That may not seem like a big number, but thanks to the mumbo jumbo of statistics, it's actually quite a high amount of people to be proposing at the same time.

I mean, when you're nervous about popping the question (and who wouldn't be), it goes to figure that you'd do it at the time you know a bunch of others will be doing the same thing. It's that power of a collective group effort right?

There's another added benefit to all this Spring Equinox/National Proposal Day hullaboo, too. The equinox floats between the 20th and the 22nd...that's technically a holiday. And take it from a married man, that makes it all the more easy to remember your anniversary date.

Trust me, your partner will love that you "remembered".

Young man makes a proposal to get married, the bride is crying from happiness

So I say, toss the tin foil hat and take that plunge! Maybe National Proposal Day isn't your magical day to pop the question, but let's say this... if you're close to taking the big step, maybe you can use this as the momentum you need to do it.

My overall verdict? Is National Proposal Day a conspiracy? Nah... Is it love? Absolutely!

I'm a happily married man myself so its been a minute since I had a horse in this race, but I remember having the same cynical conspiracy doubts myself when I was ready to pop the question. But then I realized just how beautiful this moment would actually be and what it meant--not only to myself, but my soon-to-be wife.

So take it from me, I am very much here to give you that extra push, too. You totally got this! Go get married. Go propose on National Proposal Day or whatever. Just say "I Do".

Oh, by the way... If you're not ready to drop to one knee tomorrow...Turns out, this is a semi-annual holiday. You'll get another chance to think about rings, weddings, and other industries with insanely high markups.

I'll take my tin foil hat with me, thanks.

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