Earlier this month, Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe had an altercation at the Beverly Hills Hotel that each frames differently. While Crowe and other party guests, including RZA, say that Banks was erratic and threatening, Crowe eventually removing her from the suite by force, the rapper says that she was assaulted, spat on and insulted. Speaking with Access Hollywood, Azealia recounts the evening, holding back tears as she describes the aftermath.

In the above clip, she explains why she's crying, saying that "every time something like this happens I’m always being blamed for wanting this kind of attention… I’m just like really, really humiliated." Part of her frustration with the incident stems from the fact that RZA has confirmed Crowe's telling of the story and that the hotel reportedly has no video surveillance of it. "Immediately he was like ‘Don’t say anything,'" she says of the RZA.

As for why Crowe acted the way he did if in fact Banks was not behaving in a volatile manner, the rapper says, "Maybe it was the moonshine, maybe it was the rejection, maybe it was the jokes." There does seem to be a consensus that Banks had made some comments to Crowe and others that landed poorly. Banks had filed a battery report against Crowe, but without video evidence there are only eye witness accounts to go off of.

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