What does this little girl need more -- a nap or a bath?

There's nothing like getting some shuteye after a great meal...except maybe getting some shuteye during a great meal, as this baby girl so hilariously proves.

She's knee deep in her spaghetti -- that may actually be literal, since pasta sauce is everywhere -- when she decides it's time to catch a few Zs.

If she's exhausted from eating, we can only imagine how tired she was when her parents put her in the tub to remove all that Ragu. A tub may not have even done the trick. A car wash was probably the more ideal place.

Eat or sleep? Such a tough decision, right? Wait until she goes to a wedding and has to choose between fish or chicken.

There's a very finite period of time where a person can get away with behavior like this, so we say more power to this little girl for embracing it.

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