Doctors are thought to be extremely smart.  They spend years and years in school and shouldn't make mistakes.  An Argentine baby was wrongly pronounced dead and placed in a morgue for 12 hours.This story makes me sick to my stomach and yet gives me a new found hope.

Imagine being pregnant and going into labor early.  A lot of thoughts begin flooding your mind, especially the safety of the baby.  As a mother, I would be terrified if I went into labor early.

An Argentinian family had to deal with those emotions and more. After giving birth prematurely, Analia Boutet was told that her baby did not make it.  The doctors tried to find any sign of life but were unsuccessful.  The baby was then placed in a small wooden coffin and put in a morgue refrigerator.

After a horrible ordeal, Analia wanted to go down and see her baby one last time.  Her and her husband pulled the coffin out of the morgue, opened it and discovered that their baby wasn't dead.  Yes, after 12 hours in the morgue refrigerator the baby cried.

The baby, whose name is Luz Milagros (Spanish for miracle light), somehow survived and was rushed back to the neonatal unit.  Weighing just a little more than a pound, Luz is in intensive care but in stable condition.

What a wonderful outcome to such a horrible beginning.  All the doctors involved were suspended while an investigation is done.

If I was in those parents shoes, I wouldn't know how to handle the situation.  I would be traumatized knowing that my baby was in a freezer for 12 hours.  But at the same time I would be overcome with happiness-my baby is alive!

More than anything I would want to know why they didn't find any signs of life.  Why did they say my child was dead?  Why?  Why?  Why?

This makes me believe that this baby is definitely a miracle.  Her name fits perfectly.

Here is a video of the father talking about the incident.  Watch it and tell me what you think should happen to the doctors.

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