I couldn't ever imagine getting a phone call and finding out my 2 year old child was found at the bottom of the swimming pool dead! My mind would go crazy and I would go crazy if I received that kind of news. A family from Phoenix went thru this horrible moment. After spending 30 minutes under water of a swimming pool the paramedics pulled the little boy out. The 2 year old boy face was already blue and he had no vital signs. Paramedics had already notified to parents the child was mentally dead. As they arrived to the hospital doctors and paramedics continued to work on the child and after hard work 30 minutes later they recovered a heart beat.

With lots of prayers for a miracle from the parents and doctors the child walked away with no injuries. God had a plan for this little boy and his time was not to go yet. My advice is never live in fear and always have GOD on your side!

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