If you can do something this simple, you can get out of a speeding ticket.

A police officer in Brown County, Texas pulled over a Chevy Silverado pickup truck a few weeks ago. The officer was only pulling him over for something minor. But then he realized something strange about the back of the truck.

When the officer took a closer look at the man's license plate he noticed a hot dog on the guys back bumper with a note taped above it that said "Free Hot Dog"

The cop asked what the hot dog and sign was all about? The driver of the truck laughed and explained he left the hot dog there from when he had lunch. When he noticed that the hot dog was still there after running a few errands, he added the sign saying the hot dog was free to anyone who wanted it.

The man drove over 120 miles before the officer pulled him over. The hot dog was not glued or taped down to the bumper. Somehow it just stayed in place.

The police officer figured if he drove that many miles and the hot dog didn't fall off, he must be driving safely. He let the driver off with a warning.



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