Some guys will do anything to get out of paying their bar tab. They’ll change their identities, leave the country, even go into cyrogenic freezing. Destroying private property, however, should never be a viable option.

Police in Boulder, Colo. arrested 42-year-old Robert Engles for allegedly trying to get out of paying his bar tab by slicing a hole in the wall of the bar.

The employees of the Centro Restaurant told police that Engles had been drinking at the bar and tried to do the ol’ drink-and-dash. Employees chased after him and the quick-thinking Engles used a folding knife to cut a hole in the wall of the plastic outside patio wall. He would have gotten away if there wasn’t a metal fence surrounding the patio. Time to carry a knife that can cut metal.

He became entangled in the fencing, and when he couldn’t find a way out, he allegedly confronted the employees chasing him by pointing the knife at them. One of the employees was able to take the knife away while the others restrained him.

The tab that he refused to pay totaled $33.

He faces three felony counts of menacing, criminal mischief and defrauding an innkeeper. He could also face copyright infringement from Warner Bros. for stealing his escape plan from Wile E. Coyote.

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