Vista Bank sued Bart Reagor back in March saying that Reagor-Dykes companies borrowed $3 million and that Reagor personally guaranteed the debt, and Reagor has filed a counterclaim.

Reagor-Dykes filed for bankruptcy back in August of 2018, and Fort Motor Credit accused RD of floor-plan fraud.

3 RD employees, including former CFO Shane Smith, have been charged with federal crimes.

The counterclaim says that "Vista Bank admits check kiting occurred in relation to this Loan. [...] Despite knowing about the check-kiting scheme, Vista Bank failed to inform Reagor."

The counterclaim goes on to say that Vista Bank conspired with former CFO Shane Smith and others to induce Reagor to sign the guaranty.

KAMC News reached out to a lawyer for Vista Bank to comment, who said "Respectfully, this filing [by Bart Reagor] doesn't merit a comment."

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