Customers at this Texas Walmart were being attacked by bats.

A Walmart in Alvin, Texas had a little problem with a herd of bats that got into the store. The bats were hanging around the produce section. When unknowing customers got too close, the bats would swoop down and harass them. Most likely because they thought the customers were taking their food.

Employees were able to shoo the bats away. They had to use their jackets to shoo the bats towards the exit. At one point the bats were flying low enough to get them to fly out the doors.

It became a spectacle for the customers to see. People were stopping in the aisle to watch the bats. They also were cheering on the employees as the worked to get the bats out safely.

Some of the children were a bit upset. They were a little nervous about the bats flying at them.

No injuries were reported.


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