Living in Amarillo is great.   How would you like to open your home and invite a student to join you in your family in this great city.   SHARE! is a program in Amarillo that will pair you up with a student who wants to come to the United States and Amarillo to spend a year here attending our local schools.

SHARE! Student Exchange is currently looking for host families for the current school year.

Photo Courtesy Arleen Morley

You might be thinking your family is not right to host a foreign exchange family, but families come in different shapes and sizes.  You can, but you don't have to be the traditional two-parent family to host. Single parents or single adults can be a host.  Retired couples, or single retirees are perfect as well.  As long as you are a legal adult with a safe living environment you can host a student.

The host family has to provide a bed for the student and three meals a day.  Plus be willing to share the American culture with your student.  Not to mention a loving environment and friendship.

The student will attend the local high school in their host family's district for a year and some just a semester.

If you are worried about if the student being a good fit for your family, you don't have to worry.  They don't just place any student with your family.  You have the opportunity to look over applications and choose the student who will be living with your family.

All of the students placed through SHARE! speak English, have their own medical insurance, and bring their own spending money for personal expenses.

These students come from all over the world and not only will they learn about our culture, your family will learn about their culture as well.  Here's just one example, you'll get to introduce them to American food and if you are lucky they will cook you up an amazing meal or two from their culture.

Plus, for the many families who host, they form a bond with their student that lasts a lifetime.

We have a local SHARE! in Amarillo who places many students with families, and they are looking for more families to say, "I want to be a host family".

Photo Courtesy Arleen Morely

SHARE! is currently in need of host families so if you think you might want to be a host family for a foreign student then contact them today.

Currently SHARE! has the opportunity to place 30 students from Brazil with families here in the US.  These kids would not be able to participate in the exchange if it were not for the financial scholarship they are receiving. Some of them come from poor, rural, farming areas where there is no internet.  These students are excited to come to America and experience the culture and learn all the wonderful things about our country and Amarillo.