Beliebers ain’t having any of Internet celeb hounder Stalker Sarah, who is also known as “Sarah M” on Twitter. Stalker Sarah met and grabbed a photo with Justin Bieber again.

That’s not the only thing she met. She also met the ire of angry (or perhaps jealous) Beliebers who are sick of her claims and envious since they’ve yet to make The Biebs’ acquaintance once, while she racks up the photo opps and John Hancocks. Even more maddening is the fact that he sent out a photo of them, which you can see to the left. That’s her in the back, with the bangs and glasses.

Dunno Sarah? Well, she is 17 and has around 4,000 pictures and autographs, according to The Examiner. She reportedly hangs out in Hollywood hotspots, waiting to bump into stars and get photos with them. That sounds like a rewarding and fulfilling life. It has, however, caused her to garner her own mini following of 52,000 followers.

The Beliebers are pissed because they think she is hogging too much of The Biebs’ precious time, preventing others for getting a quick minute with the superstar. There is an unspoken etiquette that Stalker Sarah seems to ignore. There are tons and tons of hater tweets levied at her. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, yo. The Beliebers also reportedly heckled her when she showed up at his ‘Believe’ tour rehearsals.

Sarah tweeted this message and was met with the rage and fury of a thousand Belieber-fueled suns.  You can follow her feed to see the constant spew of hate. Beliebers also took umbrage with the fact that The Biebs himself tweeted one of their photos. That’s not really her fault, though. Nevertheless, she is not making pals in the Belieber nation.

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