If you've been without wifi for the past 48 hours, allow us to fill you in: Justin Bieber announced that he would be the new face of Calvin Klein. The only thing is -- no one was focusing on his face. A host of totally steamy, shirtless clips were released in conjunction with the announcement and Beliebers were, naturally, excited.

But it looks like the model who stars alongside Justin in the ads has come under fire for being in a few compromising positions with Justin. Uh oh.

The print ads see a shirtless Lara Stone and then a shirtless Justin Bieber, and the whole thing is very racy and provocative. It's pretty much the next step in Justin's attempt at shedding his wholesome, kid-star image. According to TMZ and the Internet at large, Beliebers are not happy about the photos with Lara -- and they're taking their upset out on her via Twitter. You can check out an example tweet that was PG enough to not warrant censoring below -- still full of death threats and anger galore.

A NSFW tweet read: "...I'm [a] psychopath then step away from the MY Bieber you b--- b---" Yikes.

On the other hand, fans were calling out other fans for making the fandom look bad as a whole. You can check out an example of that below:

To be fair, Lara was just doing her job. To her credit, she hasn't responded to any of the death threats. You can check out some of the photos of Lara and Justin in the video posted above.

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