Since the United States is in a flu epidemic, Facebook decided to create an app to track down who gave it to you.  Well I think there are other things that deserve an app just as much as the flu does. 

I'm not exactly sure how accurate the Flu app is, but it is fun to think you can track down the culprit.  I have put together a list of 5 things that get spread around.  Let's create an app and track the person guilty of spreading these awful things!

Chicken pox is a horrible virus that leaves you miserable for weeks.  Not only do you get covered in red spots that itch, nobody wants to be around you for fear they'll catch it.  Let's track it!

I find this to be a disgusting illness.  Your eye gets red with gunk in the corners, not pretty.  This is very contagious and I don't want to be around anyone that has it.  If you get pink eye you deserve to know who gave it to you, let's track it!

Along with a sore throat, you may experience a fever, headache and nausea.  Not fun and very contagious.  Let's find out who is spreading this.  Let's track it!

As kids we always joke about others having cooties, but the reality is that there really are people who have them.  As a ashamed as you might be to admit that you have them, you have the right to know who gave it to you.  Let's track it!

5.  STDs

This may be the most serious of all diseases, sexually transmitted.  This can range from herpes to gonorrhea to anal warts.  This is serious business, no joke.  We can't let the person spreading these things get away with it.  Let's track it!

Move over Flu because these five things are very deserving of an app.  So come on Facebook, get your people to work on making this happen!

What other things do you think deserve a tracking app?