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A friend of mine decided to stop by Best Buy today, and was sadly disappointed to find out that they are closed. All that was there to greet them was a sign saying that the store was closed for the safety of us and the employees.

While no specific reason is given, it's hard to not jump to conclusions.

There is no information on when the store will be officially reopened, and you are encouraged to shop online. When you go to the Best Buy Amarillo Facebook page, there are no posts made with any information.

When you call, you get the "we're closed for the day" recording. I'm hoping that whatever the reason is, that the people involved are doing well.

The sign does also mention that they are still doing deliveries. Just no in-store shopping.

I'm also hoping that we don't see more signs like this popping up in the near future. Today during the city's Covid-19 Update, city leaders and medical professionals all signaled that the next several weeks could be a very tough time.

They also stressed wearing a mask. The charge nurse over the Covid unit at Northwest talked about the stress the hospital is under with the current number of patients. When it came to masks she said, "It's not about living in fear. It's about living," urging us all to wear our masks and exercise social distance.

With all of the events planned for tomorrow, Halloween, take along your mask and wear it while you're out. Not just the plastic one of your favorite superhero.

Celebrate Halloween safely tomorrow, and stay healthy.

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