It seems that some celebrities feel they are immune to the law.  In some cases that may be true, but when you put your baby in danger, that is just crossing the line. Beyonce was caught breaking the law.


Most laws are set in order to protect the people of the United States.  One law that is in place is the car seat law.  According to, children up to the age of 9 and up to 100 pounds should be in a car/booster seat.  This means that babies definitely need to be in a car seat.

Over the weekend, Beyonce and Jay Z took their baby along to lunch at Nobu restaurant in Tribeca, New York.  It is normal to for parents to take their kids along, so what was the problem?  Well, momma, Beyonce, decided not to put Blue Ivy in a car seat.  Instead, she opted to carry her baby the entire ride.

I know when I was younger, the laws were more relaxed.  We didn't have to wear seat belts, we could ride in the back of the pick-up trucks, and insurance was recommended, not required.  Now the laws are just the opposite.  So why does Beyonce feel like she is above the law?

I don't really know, but I can say this-Beyonce SOMEONE is always going to be watching!  Celebrities can't hide anything.  Remember when Britney Spears was caught driving with her child in her lap?  Hopefully Beyonce learns her lesson.

Here are the pictures-what do you think?



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