Normally, you'd discover a baby's name through some type of announcement on a cute card with cutesy blue or pink graphics. But when it comes to pop-rap royalty, things are done a little differently. Beyonce and Jay-Z filed legal documents to trademark two names (as they're trying to do for their daughter Blue Ivy) on Monday (June 26), and it became apparent the names belong to the newborn twins.

Welcome to the world, Rumi and Sir Carter! The baby name trademarks include key chains, fragrances, strollers, cosmetics, teething rings, and more.

According to TMZ, Rumi's namesake is a 13th-century poet. One of his poems in particular includes the word "sir":

“Bring the pure wine of
love and freedom.
But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we'll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling.”

Of course, this is just speculation until confirmed by Bey or Jay. Rumi could also be a tribute to the word "rumination." Only Rum, Sir, and Blue Ivy's parents can explain their inspiration.

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