Bhad Bhabie's latest Instagram post has sparked new accusations of blackfishing.

In the video, the social media star also known as Danielle Bregoli can be seen sporting a black turtleneck and gold chain with brand new blonde hair as well as what appears to be a noticeably darker complexion, among other seemingly new features.

The 19-year-old was quickly slammed in the comments and on Twitter for her new appearance.

"She literally a whole different color," one person commented.

"Did she get a race change too?" another asked.

Bhad Bhabie responded to the criticism in a series of since-deleted Instagram Stories.

In one, she posted a screenshot of text messages where she asked the recipient to take a photo of her foundation bottle, which is in a lighter shade.

"Case closed!" she captioned it.

In another Story, she wrote: "Don't y'all ever ask me again why I don't b on [Instagram]! I don't make no money on here I don't need to b on here I do it for my fans but y'all take it too far every time it's honestly sad and weird."

However, this isn't the first time the rapper has been accused of blackfishing, which is a term used to describe a white person who tries to present themselves as Black through their appearance and style.

In 2020, Bhad Bhabie was slammed online for cultural appropriation after she began making her lips look bigger using makeup and appearing with a darker complexion in videos and photos online.

She subsequently responded to the criticism in a live stream where she yelled, "Who wants to be black? I don’t understand that! I just can’t comprehend it."

"You think my black best friend would let me blackfish?" she asked at the time, chalking up her foundation shade to just making her "look tan."

Bregoli became known for her "Cash me outside, how bout dat?" catchphrase from her appearance on Dr. Phil. The moment became an instant meme in 2016.

She began releasing music in 2017 and has since launched an OnlyFans account as well as started her own record label, Bhad Music. She also teamed up with Paris Hilton in 2021 to shed light on abusive "troubled teen" facilities.

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