Everyone is always looking for that next innovative idea that can propel them to financial freedom, right? We've seen so many different concepts of restaurants, some are tailored to women, some to men.

Out of all those different concepts, some have worked and some haven't. Some concepts are born to attract a different type of demographic that wouldn't typically visit a certain type of restaurant or store.

We had one of those types of concepts in Amarillo once, and it wasn't that long ago. Who remembers the coffee truck called "One Hot Latte"? It was a food truck that served up all sorts of different coffee drinks, but with baristas in bikinis.

It didn't seem to last very long here, and I'm not sure why. See, coffee shops aren't typically targeted to a male audience. It doesn't mean we don't enjoy coffee drinks, we do. However, the atmosphere, the advertising, etc. is typically geared to a female audience.

When it comes to coffee, men can be simple. We don't mind going into the convenience store and paying $2 for a large coffee there. Sometimes we struggle with the cost of coffee at an actual coffee shop, and there just isn't the appeal for us to go in there a lot of times.

Well, the bikini coffee shops are back and thriving in Arizona. There is a franchise called "Bikini Beans Coffee". It's a drive-up coffee shop much like Dutch Bros, but all the baristas take your order and serve you wearing their bikini.

Now that is male targeting on an audience for sure, and they seem to be bringing in a whole new demographic because of it.

So why didn't One Hot Latte work in Amarillo? Were they a bit ahead of their time? Was it location? Or was it that Amarillo simply doesn't like change or new ideas?

Either way, seeing how these locations seem to be thriving in Arizona, could it be time to bring something like this back to Amarillo? What if it was standalone location rather than a food truck style spot? I think it's worth finding out, because I'm pretty sure Amarillo is ready to progress to new ideas.

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