Imagine going out to one of your very first formal events. It's usually middle school when you begin to attend these events.

You get yourself all dressed up. You've got your date and you're nervous for it. Maybe it's someone you really like but haven't had the chance to spend some time with. Or maybe you're already going steady.

Well Pampa Junior High just had their 8th grade formal, which is essentially middle school prom, and it went absolutely beautiful for the majority of the kids attending.

Memories made, smiles, and probably several first kisses. Sadly for four students, it was an experience they'd probably like to forget about.

During the event, the four students became severely ill. They had reportedly told some administrators that they weren't feeling well, then things took a turn.

The illness was bad enough to where EMS had to show up at the event to treat these children. First thing that would typically come to mind would be something along the lines of food poisoning, but that doesn't typically set in THAT quickly.

Once they were able to realize it was isolated to just these four students, the rest of the evening went off without a hitch.

Now, the school district and local police are working together to see if there was any criminal activity that took place that may have caused these four to fall ill.

The easiest thing that could've taken place was someone spiking these students drinks with something. Right now, anything would be pure speculation while they investigate. If they do find there was wrongdoing at the formal, it will be something the police and school administration handled immediately.

According to a release from Pampa ISD, “Student health and safety is a top priority for the District and we will continue to investigate this situation in coordination with Pampa PD."

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