It's something you hear about if you're in the dating scene quite often. The dreaded blind date. You know, the one your Mom set you up on? Maybe a friend has a friend who they think you'd be great for?

Well, the blind date has now become something more, something different. And just like a normal blind date, it can be very rewarding if you get the right one.

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The Amarillo Public Library is kicking off a new campaign starting January 13th, and it can reward you in not just one, but a couple of ways. Their latest event is called "Blind Date with a Book". Here's how it works.

Head into any Amarillo Public Library starting January 13th and snag a book that is paper-wrapped on the display. You have no idea what book you're grabbing, what it may be about, etc. It could be anything. Now, it's not going to be a book on automotive repair or anything like that.

All the wrapped books have been hand-picked and recommended by staff at the libraries, so these are books they've read themselves and felt were good ones. In theory, you shouldn't end up with a bad blind date, but I know everyone has different tastes.

Finding a potential new favorite book is reward enough, but they've incentivized it even more for you. Inside each book will be an entry form. If you fill it out, you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to a restaurant. Sounds like a good enough reason to grab a book myself.

They've also stated that some books could contain additional prizes inside, so it's kind of like getting a scratch-off lottery ticket. You have no idea what you might win inside.

Drawings for the prizes will be held on February 10 and all the entry forms have to be turned in by February 9. Go find yourself a new favorite book, and maybe even a gift card!

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