Ahhhhh summer. Warm weather, clear skies and the kids are out of school. So what do we do with ourselves?

As much as I'd love to spend nearly every day at somewhere like Wonderland or Cinergy, that might get a bit too expensive. Sure, every once in awhile those are fine but what do we do to fill the rest of that family time?

Here's a few ideas you may not have thought of.

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I mean, who doesn't wanna go out and spray paint a bunch of cars? At least doing it here is completely legal and allowed. The kids can feel like they're doing something naughty and you can sit back and watch them legally break the law. Sounds like my kind of summer activity.


Just because school is out doesn't mean the learning has to stop. One of the coolest ways to learn about the military, aviators and the space program is by stopping in to the Texas Air & Space Museum. You'll see real live aircrafts that were used throughout historic events like World War 1 & 2 and so many others. A great interactive learning experience to keep those brains fresh.


Just looking to get out and have a little fun? Western Bowl is the place to be. Bowling and laser tag are both offered here, and they run some incredible deals throughout the week. Right now, Tuesday night has one of the best deals in town. From 9pm-close for $10 per person, you'll get unlimited bowling and laser tag along with 1 hour unlimited fun in the arcade. I dare you to find a better deal.

Get out and have some fun this summer without breaking the bank!

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