There is no more exciting time than right about now. The thoughts of getting done with another school year. The kiddos need this after all the changes they have learned to go through the last couple of years.

A real summer vacation. If you are a working parent, though, you have to find some activities for them. Some fun stuff to keep them out of trouble. Maybe they will go to daycare. Perhaps you have them signed up for summer camps. Our kids need to have stuff to occupy their summer.

I ran across a great idea. Get your kids signed up for FREE bowling this summer out at Western Bowl. Yes, you read that right. Free. Nothing beats free for a parent. This is something that has been going on for a while but I don't know that a lot of people know about this.

It's the first I heard of this. Sign your kiddos up. Have their friends parents sign them up. You can get a group of kids to go together. How much fun would that be? They get two free games a day from May 17th through August 16th. That is almost three whole months of fun out at Western Bowl.

Check out the form HERE and start registering your kiddos. There are over 1500 bowling alley's participating in this event. You can check out the program HERE.

So as you are trying to decide what the kiddos can do this summer make sure you look into the opportunity for them to bowl for free all summer long. This seems like a pretty cool way to start your summer off right.

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