When it comes to graduation day it's a big day for many. Not only for the students but also for their parents to. That's the biggest accomplishment for someone is to walk the line proudly with their cap on and waiting for them at the podium is that diploma. It's what most kids work hard for and it's a very special day.

But for some college students graduation day could be a scary day for them. Especially if they are Illegal immigrants here in America.


Students across the country are living in fear because of their immigration status. For example Boston college student Renata Teodoro who was arrested because she is not an American citizen. She was placed in handcuffs in front of everyone immediately after receiving her diploma.

Renata's parents were deported a few years ago back to Brazil. Renata was left behind studying in the United States and had not resolved her immigration status. Renata is not the only person who has feared for her freedom.

This not only happening to college students but also its been reported that high-school students are getting arrested to at  their graduation.

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